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Lee on Solent Airfield - Pilot and Visitors Guide

This guide is in addition to the Aerodrome Manual for visiting aircraft to Lee-on-Solent Airfield


  • Lee on Solent Airfeld
  • Joining Runway 23
  • Joining Runway 05
  • Departing Runway 23
  • Departing Runway 05
  • Additional Info
  • The Fleetlands Air Traffic Zone
Lee on Solent Airfield Guide



“LEE RADIO” 118.925


Search and Rescue Helicopters have priority over all General Aviation Movements.

Powered Aircraft must also give way to gliders.





Runway 23 uses a Right Hand circuit. If joining from the south, it is advisable to join mid Solent for the downwind leg. Please avoid over flying any built up areas. When joining from the North, it is advisable to join on a right base. Please note the close proximity of the Fleetlands ATZ who can be contacted on 135.700.








Runway 05 uses a Left Hand circuit. When joining from the south it is advisable to join on a left base giving way to any traffic already in the circuit. When joining from the North, it is advisable to join on a downwind leg avoiding any built up areas. Again, please note the close proximity of the Fleetlands ATZ.

Please do not join overhead the field and avoid the dead side due to gliding activity






Maintain Runway heading until clear of any built up areas and depart as required.










If departing to the north, please contact Fleetlands Information 135.700 once airborne. Please avoid any early right turnouts towards the east due to intense gliding activity.









On your initial call, the radio operator will state if gliding is taking place or not. If it is, this will mean that winch launching and aero tows are being conducted at the airfield. The gliders will remain on the dead side of the airfield and will not cross the extended centre line or conflict with powered aircraft using the main runway.








Please Note:The tree-lined disused Fareham to Gosport railway line (black dotted line) differentiates the eastern and western sectors of the Fleetlands ATZ.

When Fleetlands information is operating, they may be contacted for information, but, it is not necessary if remaining clear of the Eastern Sector.

Fleetlands monitor Lee Radio and vice versa and can advise of any traffic in the local area. Fleetlands traffic will not enter the Western Sector without coordinating with Lee Radio.

All powered aircraft circuits are flown to the west of the airfield at 1000ft. Please maintain the extended centreline on the upwind leg. Avoid overflying any built up areas at all times.

Glider circuits are flown to the east and powered pilots must give way to gliders.

The glider tug may fly a slightly tighter circuit to the west and will announce this when joining or when downwind.

Please maintain a good lookout at all times and give way to traffic already in the circuit.

Please note the close proximity of the Solent CTA. A basic service is available on 120.225 if required.

If you have questions or would like to know more please contact the tower on 02392 551 714.





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